Recruitment & Selection

Save time and dont risk your POS, we find the personnel you need.


We have an online database of:

  • 50,000+ experienced candidates.
  • Pre selection of our best candidates, qualified and evaluated according to their capacity and availability at a national level, in order to guarantee a successful hiring.
  • Personnel profiles ranging from basic to specialized.





Promoters only have 7 seconds to capture a client´s attention at POS. Make the most of them! With specialized personnel.


We are the best in high level templates, with all the profiles with expertise in:

  • Beauty
  • Technology
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Consumerism





“Only pay the service you need, at a national level and in any POP”


By hour or day:

  •  Up to 4 hours of service $310 MXN
  • From 4-7 hours of service $450 MXN


Need hands at POS?

The ideal service when you don´t have the strength of fixed sales,  you don´t reach all the cities, or you have special events



  • Basic shelves
  • Revise prices, place product on shelves, or additional exhibits
  • Fix phantom inventory
  • Implementation of materials


Mystery Shopper

With the latest technology and the correct personnel we tell you everything you want and need to know about your POP.


  • We audit everything from a mom & pop shop to high end department stores, any POP at a national level.
  • Service + Attention + Quality + Profiling + Assistence + Pricing + Inventory + Front of Store + Sales.
  • Proven methodology in daily and monthly work.
  • Online reports with photos, video, audio, and GPS.


“We design the reports you need”

Find all the information online in les than 72 hours with photographic and geofinder validation.


Additional services:

Use of hidden camera and/or microphone.

Training and feedback at POP.


If you want your personnel to stand out from the rest, Train them!


  • In person and online training , ranging from soft to technical
  • We detect and develop the potential skills in our personnel, designing a unique model for strategic training tailored to you.



  1. Training
  2. Detecting talent (knowledge+ ability) *attitude
  3. Routine Evaluations
  4. Meeting sales quotes
  5. Quarterly analysis of the best candidates
  6. Proposal for reaching the next level
  7. Incentives plan


Reduce the rotation at the POS and increase your sales.


Modernize your sales strength with Analytics Mobile

Easier to use, less expensive, better.


“Measure instantly: prices, exhausted inventory, and exhibits”

The best tool to control your POP and your personnel


The APP that allows you to control POS, know where your personnel is, your product, and your competition…it´s as easy to use as UBER.


You can also:

  • See prices, products, and exhibitions fast and efficiently
  • Geofinder for your personnel instantly
  • Surveys, photos, and alerts
  • Works with any Android phone


What does Analytics Mobile include?

  • Setup
  • Training to use the APP (initial or continual)
  • Support, via email or phone, or through a website
  • Reports


“We equip you from your first dream, all the way to how you should build your display in order to have more efficient exchanges and save in implementation”.


  • Design + Production + Implementation + maintenance.
  • Dominating materials and spaces
  • Individual distribution center and national logistics


We are experts in POP with more than 25 years of experience, we know how to make your store ideal, maximizing the use of space and materials




Size does matter! Don´t pay more to take everything to the POP.


Consider the final dimensions of your POP materials


Looking for a way to distribute your POS materials?

We equip you and make sure that your materials get to where they need to be, when they need to.

Our reports are online and you can have access whenever you want and know where your materials are in real time.


  • Existing materials
  • Entry and Exit.
  • Pending orders
  • Shortage of Materials
  • Implementation photos with Geofinder


Ground and air with national coverage in more than 450 locations.

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25 years leading the industry, walking to different places, while maintaining our work ethic and philosophy firm. This is what has allowed us to always have the same Social Responsibility.


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